Using AI for Better Customer Engagement with Debjani Deb from ZineOne

Smart tech is all grown up and fully integrated into our society and culture. This evolution comes with a set of expectations on what a consumer experience should be: fast, mobile, smart, and able to meet and engage with you wherever you are. Many businesses are catching up to this new era of data and digital.

Debjani Deb is helping them with her company ZineOne, which offers an intelligent customer engagement platform that harnesses innovative technology to understand the customer in-the-moment and deliver a customized experience.

ZineOne is relied upon by major national brands, including Kohl’s, Crate & Barrel, The North Face, and JoS. A. Bank.

More information:

Debjani is the co-founder of ZineOne, a predictive engagement company that helps brands engage consumers in-the-moment using their real-time context. Previously, she was the co-founder of EmPower which was sold to Genpact (NYSE G) and the Worldwide CSO at GCI, a WPP company. She has also worked at Booz Allen Hamilton, ONI systems, Mayan Networks, and AT&T Bell Labs. Ms. Deb has an MBA from MIT and an MS from Stanford University.



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