At the Top, Nothing is Beneath You | Cece Lee at Trendalytics

In the first part of my conversation with Cece Lee of Trendalytics, she talked about her efforts to use artificial intelligence to analyze trends in fashion.

In this second part of our conversation, Cece opens up about her experiences as a CEO of a startup in New York, and the humbling process of transitioning from an account manager to being the head of a company.

She offers some key perspectives on learning by doing and how being at the top can’t mean that you’re above anyone.

More info:

Cece Lee is the CEO of Trendalytics, a subscription-based, product intelligence company that empowers decision making with data-driven insights. Over the past two years, Cece has overseen the doubling of business and personnel within the company while building repeatable, scalable processes to quadruple the efficiency of each member of her team.

Prior to making the jump to the fashion tech world, she worked at a variety of different companies, from Target to Jimmy Choo to Michael Kors, across buying and planning functions. Cece holds a B.A. in economics and government from Cornell University.




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