You Are Not Your Company | Susan Stevens at Wespire

In part one of my conversation with Susan Stevens, the founder and CEO of Wespire, she talked about how her company combines the interactivity of social media and the fun of game mechanics to help people live better.

In this second part of our conversation, Susan discusses some of the immense challenges of running a startup—especially as a woman and a parent. She also gives some important advice on how to develop a realistic path toward growth for your company—and it may not always involve you at the helm.

More information:

Susan Hunt Stevens is the Founder & CEO of WeSpire, an award-winning employee experience technology platform focused on engaging people in purpose-driven initiatives, ranging from sustainability to social impact, holistic wellbeing, and inclusive cultures.

She founded WeSpire to use her digital behavior change expertise to help people embrace healthier and more sustainable lifestyles after her son was diagnosed with serious food allergies.

She was named an EY Entrepreneur of the Year for New England, a Boston Business Journal Woman of Influence, and to the Environmental Leader 100 list. Prior to WeSpire, she spent 9 years at The New York Times Company, most recently as SVP/General Manager for, a $60M digital media division.




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