Better Logistics with AI | Dinesh Dixit from LogiNext

For an enterprise company moving goods and shipments from one part of the world to another, the most minute factors can translate to millions of dollars in savings or losses.

When, how, and where to deploy delivery fleets, when to use in-house talent and when to rely upon third parties, choosing the best routes, forecasting traffic and weather conditions, and many more micro variables matters.

Understanding the interrelationships between a multitude of forces is key to making strategic decisions. This is where artificial intelligence and machine learning have played a crucial role.

Our guest on this edition of UpTech Report is a pioneer in the field. Dinesh Dixit is the Vice President of the Account Management team at LogiNext, a logistics management company that helps brands such as IBM, Samsung, and McDonalds gain predictive insights to help make key decisions.

Dinesh tells us how LogiNext began back in 2014, how the technology has developed, and the complex problems they’re solving.

More information:

LogiNext is a global SaaS technology company on a mission to automate the world of logistics. LogiNext Mile is a Transportation Automation Platform for which Dinesh Dixit heads the intersection of client, product and business development teams.

Vice President of the Account Management team at LogiNext, Dinesh has held leadership positions across multiple organizations, including Deloitte and Apple, and served as a trusted advisor to Fortune 100 clients across the globe. 

LogiNext, under Dinesh’s leadership, has gained renown as a thought leader in the industry, moving the needle in technology and product innovations, while solving real-world problems. His focus on instituting a customer-first mindset has enabled LogiNext to understand, identify and solve some of the biggest challenges in the industry. 



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