Faster Feedback | Rob Holland from Feedback Loop

As the world becomes more digitally fluid—our lives more networked, our devices faster and smarter—change becomes evermore rapid. Trends that once lasted months or years are now as fleeting as fruit flies.

And ascertaining the needs, wants, opinions, and attitudes of consumers is immensely challenging. In the time it takes to assemble a focus group and rent a conference room, life can undergo dramatic transformation. The swiftness of change necessitates even faster business decisions—and a faster means of understanding consumers.

This is why Rob Holland founded Feedback Loop, a company that generates consumer feedback in record speed.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Rob explains the difficulties of gathering consumer insights in the 21st century, and how his technology manages it faster.

More information:

Rob Holland is the CEO at Feedback Loop, the agile research platform for rapid consumer feedback. Farmers Insurance, Humana, Lending Tree, Uber, and Fortune 500 companies trust Feedback Loop to bring the voice of the consumer into critical market decisions.

Rob is an accomplished C-level entrepreneur and executive who has consistently delivered high-impact results at venture and private equity-backed start-ups and businesses throughout his career.

He has experience in global general management, as well as leadership roles at brand, retail, digital media, data & analytics, and technology & services companies such as Bluecore, Oracle, DataLogix, and The Nielsen Company. 

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