Bringing Tech to Home Service Pros | Adi Azaria from Workiz

When we think of the digital technology boom, we often think of financial, entertainment media, data services, and other enterprise-level industries as the major beneficiaries.

But information technology has the ability to benefit the locksmiths, repairmen, electricians, and landscapers as well. As a former locksmith himself, Adi Azaria understands the need.

Transport routing, communications management, invoicing… much of it was done on paper, and it meant a lot of wasted time. “Everything was very manual back in the days,” Adi says. “Surprisingly, 20 years later, it’s still very manual for about 70% of the market.”

So Adi (who goes by Didi), founded Workiz with his two partners. Workiz now brings the sophistication of 21st century information technology to the working class service industries.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Didi tells us about how his early experience in the field informed his vision, and how this technology is helping the workers in vans save time and operate smarter.

More information:

Adi Azaria is the CEO of Workiz, a San Diego-based field service management and communication platform that serves locksmith, junk removal, carpet cleaning, garage door repair, appliance repair, and other on-demand service businesses.

Business owners leverage Workiz’s complete cloud-based solution to manage and automate every aspect of their businesses, whether in the office or in the field, 24/7. With Workiz, businesses can take full control of calls, scheduling, dispatching, estimates, invoices, and reports, all in one place. Workiz enables business owners to track and monitor every job and manage all communications between technicians, dispatchers, and clients. Service businesses using Workiz get more jobs done in less time, increase revenue, and grow faster.

Before Joining Workiz as CEO,  Azaria co-founded Sisense, a leading business intelligence solution. Azaria received his BSc in Computer Science at the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel.



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