A Healthier Data Diet | Wendy Gonzalez from Sama

You can think of artificial intelligence as being like a living creature—it’s only as healthy as its diet. And unfortunately, AI these days is consuming a lot of junk food. But don’t blame the data—there’s a lot of it, and it’s difficult to organize. Often, the data simply lacks the proper balance and composition to give AI the fullest power.

Wendy Gonzalez is trying to remedy this with her company, Sama. By training the data to feed the AI, Sama is able to help implement a seemingly endless list of solutions—everything from finding the right shoe size to saving endangered species.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Wendy tells us about some of the many projects she’s worked on, and she explains the complex relationship between data and AI and how her work through Sama is helping us move closer to a new era of computing technology.

More information:

Wendy Gonzalez is an executive passionate about building high-performing, high-functioning teams that develop and scale innovative, impactful technology. With two decades of managerial and technology leadership experience for companies including EY, Capgemini, Cycle30 (acquired by Arrow Electronics) and General Communications Inc,.

Gonzalez is currently the CEO of Sama, the provider of accurate data for ambitious AI, used by leading technology companies such as Walmart, Google, Nvidia and Getty. Before taking on her role as CEO, Gonzalez was Sama’s President and COO, and is an active Board Member of the Leila Janah Foundation.



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