Building the Foundation of Foundation Building | Olivia Ramos at Deepblocks

In part one of our conversation with Olivia Ramos, she told us about the complicated real estate development problems that led her to found Deepblocks.

In part two of our conversation, she discusses the process she undertook in acquiring funding for her company, and some insights on where she sees the most promising technological developments for the immediate and more distant future.

More information:

Olivia Ramos is an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Deepblocks, an artificial intelligence platform consolidating all the tools and processes needed to analyze any real estate project. She is a graduate of all three Singularity University startup programs, GSP, Incubator, and Accelerator, and was the only woman participant in the DARPA Innovation House program.

Olivia holds a Master’s of Architecture from Columbia University, a Master’s of Real Estate Development from the University of Miami, and a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Florida.




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