Buying a Home by Harnessing the Power of AI & Cutting-Edge Technology with Omer Granot of

Are you thinking about buying a home for the first time? Record numbers of people began their search for a new property online in 2021, but sorting through the thousands of new listings that go up daily can be a huge challenge. Traditionally, real estate has been a heavily human-intensive industry. You need agents to track down properties and set up tours, and inspectors to dive deep and dig up all the hidden info about a property. But going into 2022 and the future, is there a better way for homebuyers and their agents?

At the UpTech Report, we were lucky enough to interview Localize President & COO Omer Granot. His company provides a comprehensive solution for prospective homebuyers and their agents looking to navigate the complexities of the current housing market.

Localize aims to make homebuying better for everyone and uncovers data that you wouldn’t find easily online. How much natural light does a home get in summer and winter?? Is there a history of bedbugs at the property? These are some of the important questions answered by their marketplace that you won’t find on other popular sites like Zillow, Redfin, StreetEasy, or Trulia.

Omer Granot captains Localize teams in the U.S. and Israel. He engages directly with brokerages to showcase how Hunter is revolutionizing real estate by harnessing the power of AI to make homebuying better for everyone. Prior to leading Localize, Omer was VP of growth at Via, a transformative transit tech company.

He also helmed an Israeli submarine as its Executive Officer for eight years. In his down time, Omer likes to swim laps, read books—from entrepreneurship to Harry Potter—and tinker with technology, especially fitness wearables.



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