Commercial Real Estate Investing Using AI with Shayne Skaff of Blooma

In commercial real estate investing, less than 10% of all deals ultimately end up getting approved after due diligence is done. This means that for CRE underwriters, approximately 90% of their time is wasted. However, in this interview from the UpTech report, CEO of Blooma, Shayne Skaff, explains how his company’s underwriting platform is helping CRE lenders to evaluate deals using the power of AI instead.

Perhaps the creditworthiness of the potential buyer isn’t up to par, the property has hidden issues, or the listing price is actually way higher than the appraised value. Or maybe, it’s actually the perfect deal!

Blooma is helping real estate analysts to make better decisions and answer these risk-related questions by using artificial intelligence.

A successful entrepreneur, Shayne Skaff has a longstanding history of recognizing untapped potential. In his career, he’s successfully incubated several emerging technology companies while helping them to expedite growth and take off in the market.

Today, Shayne is the CEO and strategic visionary of Blooma, the first and only company to develop an all-in-one CRE banking solution that enables a modern and seamless lending experience. In 2004, he co-founded MaintenanceNet, a SaaS platform that automated how companies managed and transacted annuity businesses.

As president, Shayne led global sales, business expansion strategies, finance and operations — a body of work that ultimately contributed to the company’s acquisition by Cisco Systems in 2015 for $139M. He has been recognized in CRN’s “100 People You Should Know” and was acknowledged with the Gold Stevie Award for Worldwide Executive of the Year.

Today, the world of commercial real estate is fragmented. From data sets, to systems and processes, and the networks that use them, disconnection is the norm – but it doesn’t have to be. Blooma is here to change that. We’re not reinventing the wheel and we’re not here to offer overcomplicated technology.



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