Collaborating in VR | Gabe Paez at The Wild

Even to the non-professional, architectural models have a magical appeal—it’s the presentation of the possible, imagining yourself in a new place, a carefully crafted environment.

Gabe Paez, our guest on this week’s UpTech Report, has developed a unique and marvelous way to bring people into these models. His company, The Wild, offers a Virtual Reality platform that enables anyone with a VR headset, anywhere in the world, to collaborate with others on architectural models, allowing you and your team to actually be in the space you’re designing. It’s wild indeed.

More information:

Gabe Paez works at the intersection of engineering, design, and business. He is the founder and CEO of The Wild, an immersive collaboration platform for teams to work together, from anywhere, in augmented and virtual reality. The Wild enables architecture and environmental design teams to ideate, review, share, and present in cross-platform XR from the same room or across the world.

Gabe has about 15 years of experience leading experiential product teams and has designed immersive software products for a diverse roster of companies, including Google, Samsung, Nike, AT&T, and Verizon.




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