Coming to America | Ike Kavas from Ephesoft

Ike Kavas’ story is uniquely American. A Turkish immigrant, he came to this country with no money, no connections, but a lot of skill and determination. He had thirty days to find a job—but no computer.

So he wandered into a local college and used the computers there to send out his resume. On day 27, he found a job. From there, his career is a series of stops and starts that eventually, through careful capitalizing of every opportunity, leads to him becoming the founder and CEO of Ephesoft, a technology startup that automates document processing.

On this edition of Founders Journey, Ike tells the story of how he went from an immigrant with barely a few dollars in his pocket to the leader of a successful company with over 150 employees and offices across the globe.

Ike Kavas is the founder and CEO, with 20 years of content capture, document management, workflow, productivity tools and systems engineer experience. His focus is to guide, innovate and expand the company’s mission of turning the world’s unstructured content into actionable data. 

His previous role was Chief Technology Officer at Ephesoft and he holds patents on supervised machine learning for document classification and extraction. He achieved the CDIA+ certification and has been involved with hundreds of projects using products from EMC-Captiva, Kofax, Readsoft, TIS, OpenText, Microsoft and Xerox.

He is a serial entrepreneur with three ventures and successful exits. He has not only the technical background by implementing several multi-million dollar projects for Fortune 100 companies but also has solid sales/business experience as he has achieved repeated financial and operational goals in his career.

Ike earned his BS degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and studied Computer Architecture at Anatolia University.

Ephesoft provides intelligent document processing solutions with industry-leading technology to help enterprises maximize their productivity. Using AI and patented machine learning technology, Ephesoft’s platform captures data from documents, enriches it with context and amplifies the power of that data, adding intelligence to accelerate any business process and drive successful digital transformation.



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