An Affordable DIY Camera Component | Marc Sheade from THine Solutions

When it comes to developing the inspiring technologies of tomorrow, nothing quite beats the fun of physically assembling your own gadget. And with the wide availability of DIY computing components, like Raspberry Pi, it’s easier than ever to build that better mousetrap.

Our guest on this edition of UpTech Report is Marc Sheade of THine Solultions, which is taking those possibilities one step further by offering an affordable camera and imaging processing system that can plug into Raspberry Pi boards with a long cable, allowing for applications in surveillance, medical tech, biometrics and more.

Marc explains the surprising sophistication behind this technology and some of its many possible uses.

More information:

Marc has more than 30 years’ experience in Engineering Management, Operation Management and Marketing Management. He is currently the General Manager and Business Strategy Manager for THine Solutions, Inc. He has previously worked for companies including Watkins-Johnson and Raytheon.

Immediately prior to THine Solutions, Marc was at California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) where he was Vice President and General Manager of CEL’s ComponentProducts business. In that role, Marc managed the business which was responsible to market semiconductor products from various Japanese companies represented by CEL to geographies outside Asia. Marc has a MSEE from Stanford University.

THine Solutions Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, is a fully owned subsidiary of THine Electronics, Inc. Founded in 2018, TSI is responsible for all marketing and sales of THine in the Americas, EMEA and India territories. Our differentiation is the support we offer to customers with our kits, tools and technical expertise, particularly for image-based applications.



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