Computer Vision Tech & Analyzing Engagement Levels in Zoom Meetings with David Shim of Read

How can we make virtual meetings less soul-sucking and more productive?

In this edition of the UpTech Report, host Alexander Ferguson meets with David Shim of Read to discuss his computer vision tech for analyzing engagement levels on Zoom meetings.

When you’re looking at twenty different faces on a screen, it’s kind of hard to get a feel for what’s going on, but Read Dashboard provides metrics that allow you to actually scientifically quantify how a meeting is going.

By using deep learning, Natural Language Processing, and other exciting new technologies, we can really start to see who is paying attention and who isn’t. Read analyzes facial expressions, body language, speech patterns, voice tones, emotions, and more to provide real-time stats about how engaged people are in the conversation.

David Shim is the Co-Founder and CEO at Read, delivering better meeting experiences through a shared dashboard that measures engagement and sentiment in real-time. Read’s mission is to make every human interaction meaningfully better, smarter, and happier starting with the more than 500 million people that video conference daily.

Prior to Read, David was the CEO of Foursquare, the location layer of the internet. While at Foursquare, the company exceeded $150MM in annual revenue, achieved profitability, and acquired its two largest competitors, Placed and Factual, to create the de facto leader in location. David joined Foursquare through Snapchat, which had acquired his first startup, Placed for more than $175MM in 2019.  

Co-Founders David, Rob, and Elliott saw an opportunity to usher in the next evolution of video conferencing by augmenting interactions with measurement. By making real-time sentiment and engagement metrics available to all meeting attendees, Read ( encourages collaboration toward a shared goal of a better meeting experience.

Read was founded with a privacy and transparency first approach to measurement, aligning with the founder’s past experiences at Placed, Snapchat, and Foursquare. Read Dashboard, the company’s first product, encourages more authentic interactions and is available for free on leading video conferencing platforms



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