Converting Free Trial Users to Paid Users in SaaS Business with Tim Geisenheimer of Correlated

In this interview, the CEO of Correlated Tim Geisenheimer explains to the UpTech Report how his company is helping to simplify the sales process for SaaS businesses. It’s all about managing relationships.

Correlated helps maintain data and records on all of your various customer accounts, alerting you to the immediate action steps you need to take to turn free trials into paid subscribers.

When you have hundreds or thousands of people in the system, it can be quite challenging to remember exactly what part of the sales process each of them is currently occupying.

However, Correlated allows you to reach out to the proper accounts at the right time with a targeted message based on a multitude of different factors. It’s similar to a CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot, but with much more product usage data involved.

Tim is the CEO and Co-Founder of Correlated. Prior to Correlated, he held leadership roles at enterprise software companies including Facet, Timescale and TapCommerce (acquired by Twitter).

Correlated’s Product Led Revenue platform uses insights from the people using your product to alert your sales team and trigger next best actions, helping you exceed your expansion quota every quarter.



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