The Future of AI and Data Analytics Explained with Sean Byrnes of Outlier

Companies such as Snowflake and Palantir have been making headlines lately in the tech world as more and more industries catch on to the fact that data is king. Data-driven decision-making is the way of the future, but have you heard of yet?

In this episode of the UpTech Report, data analyst and CEO of, Sean Byrnes joins us to discuss exactly why business data analysis has been getting so much attention recently in the media.

Think of it as a Data Analytics 101 crash course. First, Byrnes shares how his company sifts through mountains of data using machine learning to produce novel insights for businesses about consumer behavior and purchasing habits. Then he dives into where this fascinating technology is heading.

Sean Byrnes is CEO and co-founder of Outlier. He is the leading authority on automated business analysis solutions and outlier data identification. Before creating Outlier, Sean founded Flurry (, a highly successful mobile-analytics and advertising platform acquired by Yahoo in 2014.

Sean is a regular contributor to Forbes, Medium and other business outlets. He’s a regular guest on entrepreneurial podcasts, helping other start-up CEOs manage through the stages of growth. He is also an advisor for, and investor in, early stage technology companies. 

Sean holds a B.A. in Engineering from Dartmouth College and an M.Eng. in Computer Science from Cornell University.



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