Coordinating Social Media Advocacy Programs | Jonathan Baldock from SocialHP

Using the voice of your employees is powerful marketing—but coordinating those voices is exceedingly difficult. Jonathan Baldock learned a lot about this problem working at LinkedIn, where he helped large brands leverage the power of that platform.

Now Jonathan is helping to solve the problems of social media advocacy campaigns as the Head of Growth at Social Horsepower, a startup that offers a system to create, distribute, and track content to be used for employee-driven social media campaigns.

Anyone in marketing wanting to get their whole organization involved in social media campaigns should have a listen.

More information:

Jonathan works in an advisory role for SocialHP.  With 10 years of experience at Linkedin serving customers like Accenture, JPMorgan Chase, Johnson&Johnson, PepsiCo, IBM amongst others.  

He is highly skilled in social sharing best practices, utilizing data to build evergreen marketing channels.  An expert social media recruitment, sales and marketing strategies.



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