Using AI to fuel Office Safety with Kloudspot CEO Guillermo Diaz Jr.

Every organization needs to ensure their employees are productive, and receiving the support they need for a positive work experience. For companies with large workforces, this is a challenge.

And when much of that workforce is working remote or in a hybrid model, the challenge is especially large. Guillermo Diaz Jr. was dealing with these challenges as the CIO of Cisco. Before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now Guillermo is the CEO of Kloudspot, a tech startup that creates truly hybrid work experiences by creating seemless engagements and collaboration opportunities between employees regardless of work location.

One of the primary applications of this KloudHybrid solution is delivering workplace experiences that prioritize health, wellness and safety in a post-pandemic world.

More information:

CEO of Kloudspot, Guillermo “G” Diaz, Jr. A highly accomplished senior executive and champion of diversity and inclusion, held multiple roles within Cisco over an impressive 20-year tenure. These roles included Cisco’s Global Chief Information Officer and most recently as its Head of Customer Digital Transformation.

Diaz spearheaded multiple organizations, platforms and programs ranging from: Cisco IT, Cloud & Internet Infrastructure, to Connected Service Architecture & Applications, which solidified him as an innovative and dynamic team leader across Cisco’s organization, across the tech industry and beyond.

Kloudspot Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform. It is a cloud-based SaaS platform that ingests data from connected IoT devices such as WiFi, BLE, environmental sensors and connected cameras, and analyzes the data applying ML and AI concepts to drive engagements and interactions with the people and devices in a defined perimeter space.  



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