Creating the Future Foreman | Alexandra McManus from Eyrus

If you think building an app is complicated—try building an apartment complex. Construction projects are extraordinarily sophisticated operations that pose myriad logistical, organizational, and even legal challenges.

And coordinating the activities of all the various workers and stakeholders is especially important. “Having the right number of the right type of people on site at the right time is a leading indicator of project success across the board,” says Alexandra McManus, the co-founder and CEO of Eyrus, a company that offers a workforce productivity and visibility solution for the construction sector.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Alexandra talks about how capturing information and managing its distribution can affect safety, productivity, and profitability.

She also discusses how she’s applying emerging software and hardware solutions for an industry that has historically lagged with digital technology.

More information:

Alexandra McManus is the co-founder and CEO of Eyrus, bringing to the company over two decades of professional experience in the construction technology space, across business development, operations, leadership, and more.

She provides a constant stream of vision and intuition for Eyrus alongside her co-founder and COO, Hussein Cholkamy. Together, they launched Eyrus to generate the ultimate workforce visibility platform by leveraging automated data collection and IoT hardware.

Eyrus provides simple and seamless solutions that enhance levels of workforce insight and support construction professionals in delivering their projects on time and on budget. To meet today’s challenges around COVID-19, Eyrus combines workforce data with site zone information to provide solutions for protocol mandates in the workplace, streamlining workflows, increasing collaboration, promoting safety, and supporting compliance.



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