Putting it All Together | Alexandra McManus from Eyrus

The story of how Alexandra McManus became the co-founder and CEO of Eyrus is worthy of study. Naturally driven to entrepreneurship from a young age, Alexandra found herself a creative problem solver.

And the problems she’s found herself solving throughout her career include how to manage funding a startup, how to identify the right talent, how to secure the first client, and of course, how to develop a product that brings value to others and profitability to the creators.

She’s solved all of these problems for herself as a founder, and some combination of them for others as a consultant. And now she stops by Uptech Report for an edition of Founders Journey in which she shares her story and the many insights she’s developed along the way.

More information:

Alexandra McManus is the co-founder and CEO of Eyrus, bringing to the company over two decades of professional experience in the construction technology space, across business development, operations, leadership, and more.

She provides a constant stream of vision and intuition for Eyrus alongside her co-founder and COO, Hussein Cholkamy. Together, they launched Eyrus to generate the ultimate workforce visibility platform by leveraging automated data collection and IoT hardware.

Eyrus provides simple and seamless solutions that enhance levels of workforce insight and support construction professionals in delivering their projects on time and on budget. To meet today’s challenges around COVID-19, Eyrus combines workforce data with site zone information to provide solutions for protocol mandates in the workplace, streamlining workflows, increasing collaboration, promoting safety, and supporting compliance.



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