Decrypting the Commute | Matt Caywood at Transitscreen

Most corporations don’t merely exist on paper—they exist in a physical location with a workforce that needs to travel there. In the 21st century, this problem is complicated. As cities grow denser, public transportation becomes more relied upon, and new options, such as bike-share programs and ride-share startups, are always entering the mix.

On the latest UpTech Report, I interview Matt Caywood, the founder and CEO of Transitscreen, a company that’s working to help organizations navigate the complexities of getting their employees from point A to point B.

Their main product allows people to glance at a screen and see, in real-time, a full range of current transportation options, including trains, buses, rideshares, bicycles, and cars—information that can affect everything from getting home to relocating your headquarters.

More information:

Matt Caywood is CEO and co-founder of Washington, DC-based TransitScreen. Matt has a PhD in neuroscience from the University of California San Francisco, and degrees in neuroscience and computer science from Cambridge and Harvard.

Matt is a frequent speaker on transportation, data, neuroscience, and entrepreneurship, including at Harvard, MIT, Northwestern University, the World Bank, Dubai RTA, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and Transportation Research Board (TRB). Matt has pitched world leaders like President Barack Obama and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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