Delivering Cybersecurity from the Cloud | Partha Panda from Cysiv

The year 2020 taught us many lessons, but among them is the increasing threat of cyberattacks—and it’s not just the government at serious risk. Corporations across the United States fell victim to one of the most severe cyberattacks in history, and the damage is still being ascertained. And this attack comprises just one of the countless thousands that occur on a regular basis.

Organizations large and small need the most advanced security systems to be protected, but many lack the resources. This is the problem Partha Panda set out to solve when he co-founded Cysiv, a company that provides what they call “SOC-as-a-Service.”

On this edition of Uptech Report, Partha talks about his unique efforts to help companies manage threat detection and response.

More information:

Partha Panda brings more than 20 years of experience in the IT and cybersecurity industry. Over the past decade, he has held a broad range of leadership roles at Trend Micro including partner (Trend Forward Capital), SVP of strategy and corporate development, VP of business development and global alliances, and VP of global channels.

Prior to that, he had leadership roles at Third Brigade (acquired by Trend Micro), Entrust, Encommerce (acquired by Entrust) and CMC Ltd. Partha holds an MBA degree from the Robert Smith School of Business at University of Maryland, a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Sambalpur University, and the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) designation.




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