Writing is Everything | Miguel Fernández from Capchase

Some founders’ stories begin with the MBA, but Miguel Fernández’s starts quite a bit earlier. With a background in mechanical engineering, Miguel earned his masters in nuclear renewables, and then went on to work in consulting.

He started two failed companies and then joined a SaaS company in Moscow, where he built sales teams there and in the UK. It was only then that he went to Harvard to earn his MBA.

Now he’s the founder and CEO of Capchase, a startup that helps SaaS companies gain early access to revenue streams. In this edition of UpTech Report, Miguel takes us through this journey, and offers some important lessons he learned developing pitches to venture capitalists.

More information:

Miguel is cofounder and CEO of Capchase. Prior to launching Capchase, Miguel worked for 2 years in management consulting and then moved into SaaS. He headed sales and customer success at Geoblink, a Location Intelligence SaaSCo and scaled it from 0 to 2m+ ARR. After that, Miguel was pursuing his MBA at Harvard Business School researching working capital and cash conversion cycle optimization.




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