Faking Data for Real Security | Ian Coe from Tonic

Data is becoming as precious a commodity as oil. Sales, marketing, dev ops, IT—nearly every operation depends wholly on data of one sort or another. But data is often extraordinarily sensitive.

All it takes is a dozen digits in the wrong hands to ruin a person’s life. So when you direly need to analyze data, but need to keep it private and secure, what do you do?

Our guest on this edition of UpTech Report started his own company. Ian Coe is the founder and CEO of Tonic, a company that, in their own words, “mimics your production data to create de-identified, realistic, and safe data for your test environments.”

Ian stops by to tell us how he originally conceived of the idea while trying to resolve some IT issues at a large bank that would have necessitated giving the developers data they certainly couldn’t have—if they couldn’t find another way. Now that solution is being offered to companies around the world.

More information:

For over a decade, Ian has worked to advance the use of data by removing barriers impeding teams from answering their most important questions. As an early member of the commercial division at Palantir Technologies, he led teams solving data problems in industries ranging from financial services to the media.

At Tableau, he continued to focus on analytics, driving the vision around statistics and the calculation language. As a founder of Tonic, Ian is directing his energies toward synthetic data generation to break down traditional data silos, protect customer privacy, and drive analytic efficiency.



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