Managing the Complexities of B2B Deals | Andrew Butt from Enable

So much of our economy is comprised of an interdependency between companies. Whether you think of it as B2B, brand partnerships, or something else, it requires a high level of coordination and cooperation between business plans. Often the mechanisms of cooperation are driven by rebates. If certain metrics are met, rewards are given.

Our guest on this edition of UpTech Report, Andrew Butt, noticed there was no software to help track these deals. “Managing all of that was important, but difficult and messy and was being done on Excel spreadsheets, there was a lack of software on the market. So that is where the idea for Enable came from.”

Enable offers a collaboration platform that manages these rebates to help improve efficiency and maximize profit. Andrew stops by to tell us more about the origins of this idea and how his product is helping companies untangle the complexities of B2B relationships.

More information:

Andrew Butt is the Co-founder & CEO of Enable, a modern, cloud-based B2B software solution for rebate management. Distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers across over 50 industries now have an easy, seamless solution to execute and track their full range of trading programs. The company is backed by $16M in funding from notable Silicon Valley investors, Menlo Ventures and Sierra Ventures. 

Launched in 2017, Andrew and his co-founder met twenty years ago while learning to fly helicopters. In March 2000, they formed their first business together, DCS E-Commerce, a profitable software engineering company, employing a team of 100. The company was ranked in the Sunday Times as the 50th fastest growing private technology company in Britain.

Four years later, they co-founded Information Matrix Ltd, a B2B SaaS business, which was acquired by London-based private equity firm Sovereign Capital.



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