From Cape Town to the Emerald City | Ray Meiring from Qorus

Ray Meiring started his company, Qorus, in Cape Town, South Africa, and grew it there for several years before finally relocating to Seattle, WA.

Moving a company to the U.S. from abroad is a complicated process, but, as Ray says, “I wish we had moved out here quicker to work with this fantastic market in the U.S.”

With some team members still in South Africa, a ten hour difference, Ray now finds the need for great flexibility in when and how he works.

On the latest UpTech Report, Ray discusses the process of this transition, why he chose to do it, and how he now manages working with a globally distributed team.

More information:

As CEO and co-Founder of  Qorus Software, Ray Meiring leads an award-winning team of passionate problem solvers to create the absolute best customer experience possible. 

Qorus helps law firm business development, marketing and bid teams reduce the time it takes to create accurate and secure proposals and RFPs.   Ray is a frequent speaker, author and webinar host on a wide variety of topics including leadership, market strategy, law firm automation and the application of AI, and sales enablement for professional sales and bid teams.




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