Making Meetings Amazing | Darin Brown from Docket

Very few people take delight at a calendar filled with meetings. We tend to feel they’re unproductive, dull, and a waste of time. But Darin Brown, the founder and CEO of Docket, wants to focus on the good meetings. “You debated the topics, came up with some decisions, felt like a team in alignment, and you’re charged for action,” he says.

His mission is to make all meetings the good meetings. His solution is an online collaborative workspace for creating agendas, documenting decisions, and tracking action items.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Darin discusses how his solution strives to find the right synthesis between building a tool and shaping human behavior, and he offers some advice on how to have better meetings that anyone can use.

More information:

Docket was co-founded in January 2019 by CEO Darin Brown. Prior to co-founding Docket, Darin served as the CTO of Angie’s List and Vice President at Salesforce and ExactTarget.

As in his previous roles, Darin laid the foundation, building an amazing, experienced team and board of directors. Team members bring a variety of experience including co-founder, CTO, marketing technology, mergers and acquisitions, marketing, compliance, customer management, and product-led growth. From early-stage startup, growth-level, and enterprise experience, our leadership knows what it takes to start companies from the ground up and nurture them to success.




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