From Concrete to Code | Sean McCreanor at Assignar

There are entrepreneurs who identify a problem in a marketplace and recognize an opportunity—and then there are those who feel that problem personally and need a solution.

Sean McCreanor was one of those people. He started a construction company in Australia and was unable to find a software product that would offer the mobility and functionality he needed. So he founded his own tech startup, Assignar, which offers a project management solution specially tailored for the construction industry.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Sean talks about the ways in which this software addresses the particular needs of the construction industry and he discusses the challenges of selling a tech product in a marketplace that’s often twenty years behind the times.

More information:

Sean McCreanor is the CEO and Co-Founder of Assignar, a cloud-based construction operations company. He is a technologist at heart and is passionate about helping construction implement & leverage technology.

Sean started his career in IT in the late 90s. After starting a specialist IT firm with some colleagues and then successfully exiting that business in 2005, Sean went on to co-found (and still owns) a specialty civil & rail sub-contracting business that now has over 80 pieces of heavy equipment and over 250 workers across 4 states. After an exhaustive search for an operations platform in 2014, Sean McCreanor developed Assignar for his railway subcontracting business with co-founder Marko Tomic.




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