Excited about the Same Old Thing | Pedro Alves from Ople

In part one of my conversation with Pedro Alves, the founder and CEO of Ople, he talked about bringing the power of AI-powered data processing to organizations previously unable to access this technology.

In this second part of our conversation, Pedro talks about letting his genuine excitement for his vision guide him through the often repetitive task of starting a company, and he also shares how he learned you sometimes have to ignore the advice from successful entrepreneurs.

More information:

Pedro Alves is the founder and CEO of Ople Inc. in San Mateo, CA. Pedro loves data science and has spent the past nineteen years working in the area of artificial intelligence – spanning predicting, analyzing and visualizing data across social media content, photos, genomics, insurance fraud/costs, social graphs, human attraction, spam detection, and topic modeling to name a few.

Realizing how rarely companies get a return in investment in the areas of AI and data science, Pedro decided to found Ople.

Ople.AI empowers organizations to utilize predictive analytics, enabling users to gain deeper insights from the historical data to optimize future business outcomes. With its unique Automated Machine Learning technology, the Ople.AI Platform intelligently manages all the complex operations, including data preparation, feature engineering, model creation, optimization, and deployment.

Pedro also enjoys the startup world, his family, intermittent fasting and helping other companies and startups make the most out of their data science efforts through advisory work.




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