Future of Education after Covid-19: Is Virtual Learning Here to Stay? with Narine Hall of InSpace

What does the future of education and virtual learning look like?

In this edition of the UpTech Report, Alexander Ferguson meets with the CEO of InSpace, Narine Hall, to discuss how her company is helping educators to teach online with video conferencing software.

InSpace’s virtual classrooms try to emulate what a real classroom would actually look and feel like, providing students and teachers with fun features such as freedom of movement. Plus, after the virtual lesson is over, students can break off into study groups to work, chat out in the hallway while waiting to speak with the teacher, or even attend a virtual tutoring session.

In the future, we are all going to be learning in virtual classrooms and attending virtual events in the Metaverse.

InSpace was created during the Covid-19 pandemic after educators realized the limitations associated with video conferencing platforms like Zoom. InSpace is a virtual learning platform, built by educators, for educators, and comes complete with all of the crucial teaching tools that teachers need to thrive.

Narine is a data-driven entrepreneur and professor of machine learning, dedicated to harnessing the power of data and technology to serve the greater good. Her career has evolved at the intersection where the tech industry meets academia.

A veteran of Wolfram Research, IBM Watson, a recipient of a Google Faculty Award and NSF grants, Narine believes deeply in the democratization of technology and AI and beautiful user experiences.

 At InSpace, we give primacy to learning in everything we do. Our virtual communication platform is designed specifically to make teaching and learning the joyful, meaningful, and effective endeavors we know they can be.

By honoring how humans interact in the real world with our human-centered, research-informed design, we enable teachers and learners to cultivate connections, support one another, and co-create engaging learning experiences.



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