Sales Calls, Call Tracking, & Machine Learning Tech with Mo Asady of Convirza

In this edition of the UpTech Report, we meet with Mo Asady, the CTO of Convirza, to learn about how marketing teams are tracking and evaluating sales calls using AI.

If you only have one or two sales calls to make, it’s easy to evaluate what happened after the call. However, if your team needs to examine the trends across hundreds of hours worth of conversations, artificial intelligence is likely a better solution.

Through speech recognition, natural language processing, and ultimately, machine learning algorithms, Convirza’s tech is learning about how your team does business. Then, it’s analyzing the calls, providing actual scores about lead quality and a team’s phone skills.

In the near future, this call tracking technology will even be able to help guide the sales conversation itself, giving the salesperson specific directions about which parts of the script to hit next.

It’s not just about going down a sales checklist, it’s about understanding exactly what is going on in the conversation, in real-time, and then using this information to make data-driven marketing decisions.

Mo Asady is a technology executive with over 20 years of tech leadership experience. He started his career as a full stack developer, progressing to technical architecture, technical project management and finally as a seasoned CTO.

He has worked across different industries, starting at Microsoft where he led teams within the Dynamics CRM suite. Moving to OTT and video streaming in Sweden, later he introduced digital solutions to the logistics and supply chain industry both in the US and in Dubai.

Today he is the CTO of Convirza, changing the way call tracking and AI aids advertisers to better understand, plan and execute their marketing campaigns.

Mo is a husband and father of two, he lives in Orlando, FL.

Convirza is the first enterprise call tracking and call optimization platform. To address the growing demand for intelligence from phone interactions we combine traditional call tracking with the powerful analysis of phone calls. Convirza uses speech recognition technology and sophisticated algorithms to gauge lead quality, measure conversions and take action with fully-baked marketing automation. We help sophisticated marketers make better decisions, improve close rates and customer experience while increasing revenue. 

The company serves leading national and international brands in automotive, healthcare, hospitality, home and financial services. Designed for businesses of all sizes, media/publishing agencies, call centers, and more, it is a call recording solution that helps track and analyze calls to understand caller intent and behavior.



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