Getting Your Head in the Cloud | Tobias Kunze from Glasnostic

Applications were complicated enough, but with the advent of the cloud, they’ve reached a level of complexity that’s often difficult to manage. With multi-clouds, hybrid clouds, edge computing, and external data dependencies, applications have become a tangled web of interconnected systems.

And the more complex a system, the more opportunities for things to go wrong. Our guest on this edition of UpTech Report is trying to solve this with his startup, Glasnostic, which actively monitors and manages interactions in the cloud, allowing problems to be resolved in real time before they take down systems.

More information:

As CEO and co-founder of Glasnostic, Tobias Kunze is on a mission to make enterprise cloud architectures reliable and secure. Before founding Glasnostic, he co-founded Makara, the enterprise PaaS that became Red Hat OpenShift.

Glasnostic provides reliability and security engineers with runtime control over their cloud architectures. This allows teams to tune and shape how their systems interact, automatically and in real-time.



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