The Tao of Testing | Dan Widing from ProdPerfect

Software development is an exceedingly complex endeavor. And often you have disparate teams with varying approaches that are difficult to connect. When it comes time to test, it’s difficult to know exactly what elements to test, and what tests to use.

In 2017, Dan Widing began asking some questions about the process. “What if you didn’t have to hire a bunch of people in QA engineering to scale up testing all of your development project? What would that mean to you? How much faster could you go? How much cheaper could it be?”

These questions eventually led to ProdPerfect, which offers an autonomous end-to-end regression testing platform. They say it’s the first and only of its kind.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Dan tells us how it all got started, how he managed to find his first clients, and just how the platform works.

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Dan Widing is CEO and Co-Founder at ProdPerfect where he’s fixing the web by analyzing live user traffic to automate QA engineering. Before founding ProdPerfect, Dan was Director of Engineering at WeSpire, making enterprise employee engagement software. And before that he ran engineering for a number of startups and was a software performance consultant to Fortune 500 companies at Avanade.



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