How to Create Augmented Reality Experiences with Anna Belova of DEVAR

Phygital is a new industry aiming to merge digital content with physical objects in the real world, and Anna Belova, the CEO from DEVAR is a leader in this category. 

In this week’s UpTech Report, Anna Belova enlightens host Alexander Ferguson about her company’s augmented reality educational tech and AR creation tools. She also discusses the Metaverse, the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality, and her company’s fascinating journey.

With DEVAR’S MyWebAR platform, your creative team can design and build new AR experiences in a fun, no-code environment. You no longer need to have expert knowledge, special AR glasses, or technical development skills in order to go phygital. It turns out, all you need is a little bit of creativity. You can easily create product showcases, augmented reality advertising content, virtual guides, and more.

Anna Belova is the CEO of DEVAR and MyWebAR (Forbes “30 under 30” in 2019). Using our own computer vision technology and accumulated experience in the development of the AR market, last year we launched MyWebAR., a simple augmented reality building platform designed to allow people all over the world to create AR, no matter how experienced they are at coding. It’s a no code solution for everyone that allows start to create your own Metaverse. Creative teams in 150 countries are now using MyWebAR to create augmented reality experiences and phygital products.



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