Immersive Tech for Mobile Workers | Ben Taft from Mira

For twenty percent of the workforce, the idea of being at work typically conjures an image of one sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen. Yet a more significant percentage of the population is on their feet – whether that be out in the field or on a factory floor.

Our guest on this edition of UpTech Report, Ben Taft, co-founder, and CEO of Mira, is trying to bring innovative technology traditionally adopted by the white-collar workforce to the rest of the world.

Ben explains why it’s historically been so difficult to develop and deploy wearable technology for workers, and how he and his team found a scalable solution powered by the world’s most universal tool – the smartphone.

Through the Mira Prism Pro, industrial workers can enhance their operations with augmented reality while sharing their field of vision with remote managers for guidance.

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As a child of immigrants who fled the Soviet Union – with only $17 to their name – Ben Taft knows the value of hard work and the importance of the American Dream. This early exposure, coupled with his belief in the same American Dream that drew his parents to the country, is the foundational bedrock upon which Ben’s entrepreneurial spirit would be built.

Before applying to be in the inaugural class of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine Academy at USC, he had already successfully exited his first first-up. Once accepted into the academy, his entrepreneurial spirit was nurtured and further developed.

It was at this time that he got his first glimpse of augmented reality and recognized its potential, leading to the foundation of Mira, an augmented reality hardware and software company focused on bringing innovative AR solutions to the B2B workforce.

Mira has evolved from its original 3D printed, fishbowl-based prototype to a fully functional Prism Headset and integrated software solution utilized by customers around the world today. Likewise, his commitment to delivering AR en masse has only expanded over time.



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