Delivering the Message | Troy Goode from Courier

The basic functionality of an app, whether it’s web, desktop, or mobile, isn’t always basic to code. Sometimes it’s those common features that tap so much of a developer’s energy. Notifications are one such example.

We expect most all apps to notify us of incoming messages, calendar events, available updates, comment replies, friend requests, and the list could continue for several pages. This is the plumbing of an app, and it can often be arduous. In his previous experience as VP of Engineering and a CTO and tech startups, Troy Goode saw how marketing automation was handled by various services such as HubSpot, but that other message delivery needs were handled in-house.

This is why he founded Courier. In this edition of UpTech Report, Troy explains how his company created a fully automated notification delivery system, why it is such a complicated problem, and what new technologies they’re developing to make notifications work better than ever.

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Troy lead the US engineer teams at Eloqua before they were acquired by Oracle. He then had worked on several startups as a VP of Engineering and CTO. At one point he was building a collaboration tool, and he was trying to mimic the hierarchy of Slack notifications. He figured out that it was not only difficult to build… but every developer was recreating this in their solution. He decided to build it one last time.

Troy is now the CEO of Courier. Courier is the fastest way to build and design notifications for your app. With one messaging API and a simple but sophisticated UI, Courier simplifies triggering and sending notifications from your app. With just a few lines of code, you can reach users through their preferred channels, including email, in-app, SMS, push, Slack, and more. Get started today, and send up to 10,000 notifications every month, for free!



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