Immersive Virtual Reality Training Technology & VR Content with Tom Symonds of Immerse

In this edition of the UpTech Report, we connect with Tom Symonds, to talk about building a VR training simulator on his platform — Immerse.

It’s clear that virtual reality training is going to be one of the top ways employees are made job-ready in the future with companies such as Walmart already plowing full-steam ahead. If done correctly, VR training can actually be even more beneficial than traditional methods! However, it’s not just retail that can benefit.

Symonds walks host Alexander Ferguson through his personal journey of launching a VR training company and explains how he has seen this field change dramatically over time. What started as an idea surrounding language learning has now expanded into equipment training in the oil & gas industry, aviation instruction, and even surgery, just to name a few exciting use cases.

Instead of training in real-life dangerous environments, job seekers can now prepare themselves for their roles in a risk-free, virtual setting. The epic training experiences created on the Immerse Platform are fun, engaging, and most importantly, extremely effective.

Tom Symonds has gained a reputation for innovation and the creation of disruptive business models following 8 years at GE Capital and 12 years at leading internet businesses. He led Sky through the dotcom fall out, establishing it as one of the major internet players in the UK.

Tom has since worked with start-up businesses within the field of e-Learning, using his extensive expertise to leverage technology in order to address key business needs.

Immerse is a global virtual reality technology company that has developed the Immerse Platform. Built for enterprise from the ground up, the Immerse Platform enables companies to create, scale and measure virtual reality training.



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