Creating a Visual AI Interior Design Solution with Alon Gilady of Renovai

In this edition of the UpTech Report, we meet with the CEO of Renovai, Alon Gilady, to discuss AI in retail and how AI is changing the way that we approach home decor and interior design. Gilady tells his story of how he first came up with the idea for an AI design tool, plus everything that followed after.

Host Alexander Ferguson dives into all of it, learning about the wide array of fascinating functionality that Renovai’s AI interior design app provides to both businesses and customers. 

It’s all about their “Shop The Room” technology. 

The AI is essentially like hiring a virtual interior designer, giving you recommendations about exactly how you can organize and personalize your home decor to your liking. What items go together and where should they be placed in the room? Renovai decides based on your desired look and feel. Then you can visualize the room for yourself, navigate around it, and click on the items you actually want to buy.

Alon Gilady is an entrepreneur by heart, always have been since I can remember. renovai is a part of me, a living and breathing organism that adapts and changes according to demand and evolving technology.

Renovai is a B2B2C company, covering all shopper-retailer touchpoints from studio materials creation and 3D models, through real-time hyper personalized online recommendations to in-store digital jaw dropping experiences. 

We are spearheading Visual AI Design, providing advanced visual commerce solutions that create engaging experiences, tailored for each shopper.



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