Internal Comms Strategy For Boosting Employee Engagement with Tarek Kamil of Cerkl

Which communication messages are trending within your organization and who’s clicking on what? In this edition of the UpTech Report, we meet with Tarek Kamil, CEO of Cerkl, to learn how managers can make smarter, data-driven decisions with Cerkl’s internal communication suite, Cerkl Broadcast.

With Broadcast, you can create beautiful emails and content for your targeted employee audiences.

Kamil explains how not everyone responds to the same type of message in the same way. Why not vary it based on language, their preferred form of delivery, interests, and other attributes? 

Broadcast helps internal communications teams modernize their digital employee experience by delivering the content your employees want, on the channel of their choice. 

Tarek Kamil is passionate about creating value in the world using big data and AI. At Cerkl, we’re using behavioral analytics, machine learning and personalization to bring “intelligence” to modernize how companies communicate, engage and understand their employees. Cerkl Broadcast delivers the content they want via email, web and mobile — so you don’t have to guess. Using AI to both increase engagement and save time.

Prior to Cerkl, I served as Executive Director of Online Strategies for InfoMotion Sports (IST). At IST, we married IoT, big data and AI to create “smart” sports equipment – providing realtime, personalized prescriptive feedback to athletes.

Prior to IST, I served as a VP of Interactive Games for Los Angeles-based FOX Sports. I oversaw all facets of the online gaming operations for the Interactive Unit, including based in Cincinnati.



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