Add an AI Chat to your Site to Convert Visitors into New Clients with Rebecca Clyde of

In this edition of the UpTech Report, we meet with Rebecca Clyde, Co-Founder & CEO of Botco to discuss how adding an AI chat bot to your site can help your company to increase revenue and win over new clients. Sometimes, AI conversations can feel just as authentic as real ones.

Clyde talks about her journey growing her own tech company and some of the challenges that she has faced along the way. Plus, how was she able to differentiate her company from other AI chat tools on the market?

One of the major selling points of is that it is HIPAA Compliant, so healthcare organizations and doctors’ offices can use their chatbot as well. If visitors to a healthcare site have questions about the organization’s services, they can get them answered immediately with’s artificial intelligence web chat. Then, when the patient is ready, the AI will direct them to the proper appointment scheduling system. 

Rebecca Clyde is the co-founder and CEO of, a startup offering intelligent chat nurturing solutions for enterprise customers.. With more than 20 years in digital marketing in the technology industry, she is passionate about advancing women in tech and currently serves as the co-managing director for Girls in Tech Phoenix.

Prior to, Rebecca founded a digital marketing agency, Ideas Collide, now in its 15th year serving global enterprise clients. She was previously a marketing manager at Intel and holds an MBA from Arizona State University.



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