Laser-scanned Facilities Modeling with Ken Smerz from Zelus

Ken Smerz had a brilliant idea for a company. What if you could take highly detailed laser scans of a facility and create a 3D digital twin so that contractors and developers could safely and quickly plan out upgrades and renovations.

“And who wouldn’t want to do that?” Ken thought. It turned out, nobody wanted to do that. At least, not at first. Ken learned the hard way that succeeding in business takes so much more than an awesome idea.

Eventually, they learned to demonstrate the value of their product and how to communicate it to contractors and developers. And now, ZELUS is working with clients on projects around the globe.

More information:

Ken Smerz is the CEO of ZELUS, a leading provider of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Building Information Modeling (BIM), and 2d and 3d digital documentation services. Their mission is to bring efficiency to the construction process by providing an accurate dimensional understanding of the physical world.

They do this by integrating technology into the design and as-built process, enabling owners, architects, contractors, and engineers to reduce costs, improve schedule performance, and enhance collaboration among all shareholders in the construction process.  



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