A Donation Incentive Platform with Andrew Forman from Givz

Andrew Forman has spent much of his life pondering how to make the biggest positive impact on the world. Becoming a volunteer or funding the volunteers?

The quest for an answer led him down many paths that eventually inspired him to found a company aiming to make it easier for people to donate to charity. But though the ambition was sound, the lift was heavy. It turned out his company, Givz, was only the first step toward a better solution.

Now Givz offers Shopify stores donation incentives as an alternative to discounts, helping eCommerce sites increase conversions and value by offering their customers to choose their favorite charities.

More information:

Andrew is the Co-Founder and CEO of Givz. Givz is a B2B marketing solution that allows companies to drive sales and avoid discounts while building their brand image. Givz started as a “Venmo for charity” to help nonprofits, but quickly became the leading impact marketing technology platform that converts discounts into donations, helping partner brands see significant increases in customer engagement, MRR, and AOV. 

Prior to Givz, Andrew spent 6 years in investment banking while moonlighting as the treasurer of a nonprofit organization. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Mathematics and Economics from Hamilton College. He lives in New York with his wife, 1-year-old daughter and newborn baby boy. He loves playing any sport/game whenever he has the chance. Andrew was a part of the college orchestra, playing the bassoon, as well as the Hamilton football team.

Recently, Andrew has led Givz through a new round of fundraising and the company has dropped an app for Shopify. This new app will make it much quicker & easier for brands to start using Givz!



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