Making Remote Work – Work | Raj Singh from Loop Team

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically accelerated an already dominant trend—working remotely. But the vast adoption of this new way of working has only further revealed the downsides. It’s lonely. It’s difficult to spontaneously interact with your team. Staying up to date and feeling connected is a challenge.

Our guest on this week’s UpTech Report may have a timely solution. Raj Singh is the co-founder and CEO of Loop Team—a virtual office for distributed teams. He hopes it might make this new world we live in feel more productive and liberating.

More information:

Raj Singh is Co-Founder and CEO of Loop Team, a virtual office for distributed teams. Previously, Raj Co-Founded Tempo AI, a smart calendar acquired by Salesforce, Co-Founded AllTheCooks, the largest mobile recipe community-acquired by Cookpad, served as VP of Business Development for Skyfire, the first mobile browser that could play Flash acquired by Opera, Co-founded Veeker, NBC’s first mobile video citizen journalism service acquired by WMG and ToneThis, CNET’s top downloaded ringtone creation product.

Raj has also worked in product management, engineering, strategy, and consulting roles for numerous companies including Kodak Mobile, Dell Mobile, AOL, Blackberry, MobiTV, Tellme, Samsung, Turk Telekom, IGT, and others. Raj blogs at his LinkedIn and invests via AngelList. Raj received a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly, SLO.




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