Maximizing Profit Through Revenue Management | Jared Wiesel from Revenue Analytics

When you think about boosting profit for any business – the first thing that comes to mind is probably selling the most items for the highest cost. However, pricing strategy is often much more nuanced than that.

In fact, nailing down the optimal price to stay competitive while also maximizing profit is an incredibly complex discipline known as revenue management. The history of the practice can be traced directly to a company called Revenue Analytics, whose chairman, Robert G. Cross, invented the revenue management discipline in the 1980’s — which was then referred to as “Yield Management.”

On this edition of UpTech Report, Revenue Analytics Senior Vice President Jared Wiesel takes us through the history of revenue management and how his SaaS company is helping enterprise manufacturing and distribution organizations maximize profit by addressing their most complex pricing challenges.

More information:

A pioneer of Revenue Management, Revenue Analytics is an enterprise SaaS company that partners with Hospitality, Media, Passenger Rail, Manufacturing and Distribution companies to solve their most complex pricing challenges.

By leveraging powerful analytics and deep strategic experience, Revenue Analytics’ next-generation software delivers intuitive answers to help companies perfect their pricing, reclaim missed revenue, and take back their time.

Jared Wiesel leads Revenue Analytics’ Manufacturing and Distribution vertical. He has 20 years of Pricing and Revenue Management experience helping Manufacturers and Distributors successfully sell the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price.

With an intense focus on delivering data-driven recommendations that are business reasonable, strategically aligned, and adopted across the organization, Jared has partnered with many Fortune 1000 companies to drive profits and efficiency gains through better pricing. 



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