Updating the Résumé | Hariharan Kolam from Findem

People may spend tremendous time and effort on their résumés, but no matter how thoroughly they attempt to present themselves, significant pieces will be missing. There’s only so much you can expect an employer to read, so you may leave out your volunteer work, you may not mention some of the projects you’ve completed on the side, or that you’ve been learning another language.

But these can be essential pieces employers need in order to make the best hiring decisions. Hariharan Kolam set out to solve this problem with his startup, Findem, a talent-search system that pieces together a fuller picture of a person’s history, enabling employees to build more diverse workplaces and find key talent that might have otherwise been missed.

More information:

Hari Kolam is the co-founder and CEO of Findem, where he is responsible for driving the company’s overall direction and strategic growth, as well as overseeing its day-to-day operations. He’s a serial entrepreneur and accomplished technologist, with nearly two decades of experience building companies and creating trailblazing technology solutions.

Backed by AI and all the world’s people data, Findem is transforming how companies make their people decisions. Its People Intelligence platform empowers HR and talent leaders with the data-driven insights they need to architect and develop a best-of-class workforce.

With Findem’s platform, companies can uncover the talent attributes that matter most to their business goals, benchmark their talent internally and externally, identify skills and diversity gaps, and fill those gaps through automatic introductions to exceptional and interested candidates—all without bias.



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