Open Sorcery | Anand Kulkarni from Crowdbotics

Imagine if to build a new apartment complex, you had to pay a team to copy and reassemble the foundation, walls, electricity, and plumbing from neighboring complexes—and then build an original penthouse on top. It seems a bit ridiculous, but this is how most companies design custom apps.

They pay engineering teams to stitch together most of the app with open source pieces and then fill out the remaining 10–20 percent with original code. It’s costly, redundant work.

In 2016, Anand Kulkarni wondered if there was a way to automate this process. The result became Crowdbotics, a tech startup that lets anyone create React Native and Django apps without coding in its basic form.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Anand discusses how this idea started and how the technology works, including their startling newest feature—the ability to describe your desired app to their AI assistant in natural language and then have the system build it for you.

More information:

Anand is CEO of Crowdbotics, a tool for rapid application development. Crowdbotics lets anyone create cross-platform React Native and Django apps in minutes, without coding. Over 20,000 apps have launched on the Crowdbotics platform, including mission-critical healthcare applications, venture-backed software products earning millions in revenue, financial trading engines, learning management platforms, and government tools.

Anand was previously co-founder and Chief Scientist of LeadGenius, a Y Combinator, Sierra Ventures, and Lumia Capital-backed startup using human computation and deep learning to automate account-based marketing (ABM). LeadGenius has raised over $20M in venture funding and developed best-in-class marketing automation technology used by Fortune 500 customers like Google, eBay, and Box.

In conjunction with nonprofits like the World Bank, LeadGenius generates fairly-paid digital employment for over 500 individuals in 40 countries.

Anand has been named as one of Forbes Magazine’s “30 under 30” Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30. Anand has published over a dozen papers in ACM, AAAI and IEEE magazines, journals, and conferences. Anand previously held a National Science Foundation graduate research fellowship in mathematics. He holds degrees in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Mathematics, and Physics from UC Berkeley.




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