Tracking Your Way Forward | Kashyap Deorah from HyperTrack

Kashyap Deorah talks about his tech startups almost like they were old cars—there was the one he had in college, the one he had in Bombay, the one he sold to a shop. But he knows each one was useful; they all got him to where he needed to be.

And where that is now is HyperTrack, a tech startup that offers a GPS tracking system as a SaaS, allowing companies to track their drivers and share selected information with customers in real time.

On this edition of Founder’s Journey, Kashyap goes into more detail on this long journey and the many lessons he learned along the way, including how to treat investors, how to build the best team, and the right time and way to begin marketing.

More information:

HyperTrack’s founder and chief executive is fourth-time entrepreneur Kashyap Deorah, who previously sold companies to OpenTable and Future Group. He is also a best-selling author and investor.

Kashyap started his first company as a college student at IIT Bombay and sold it to a Silicon Valley firm. Since then, he has operated in the US-India corridor and done business in China, South-East Asia, and Northern Europe. Kashyap has written for leading print and online publications and made keynote presentations at Internet technology and ecommerce conferences. He is the author of 2015’s The Golden Tap—The Inside Story of Hyper-Funded Indian Start-Ups.

San Francisco-based HyperTrack is the live location cloud for deliveries, visits, and rides. Hundreds of retail, service and ecommerce companies on every inhabited continent use HyperTrack to power operations efficiency, field productivity, customer experience, and financial payouts.

Over 10,000 software developers have built over 3,000 HyperTrack-powered applications deployed to over 5 million devices, generating 3 billion annual location events for businesses that depend on real-time applications and location intelligence. The company’s partnership integrations include Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, and Intuit QuickBooks.




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