Opportunity in Chaos | Jordan Husney from Parabol

Jordan Husney was a management consultant for some of the biggest companies in America. And it was in those executive offices that he learned, as he puts it, “the world is a lie.” He says that everything is clean and clear in management textbooks, but the reality is far from it.

Through this consulting experience, he came to understand the changing, chaotic nature of organizations across the globe and the growing need for agility. This is what led him to found Parabol, a technology startup that offers a free, online retrospective tool that helps agile teams understand what they need to do better.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Jordan tells about his personal journey from childhood scientist, to Fortune 500 consultant, to startup CEO.

More information:

As a teen during the 1990’s tech boom, CEO and Founder of Parabol, Jordan Husney was fascinated with connecting people through technology. Captivated by modems, bulletin board systems and amateur radio, his interests led him to pursue an internship at Minnesota-based IoT company, Digi International. He spent nearly 20 years at the company as an engineer and product manager to help technology serve people. 

Later, Jordan joined New York City-based management consultancy Undercurrent as a Director, where he assisted in shaping the futures of Fortune 500 leadership teams at companies such as GE, American Express and Pepsico.

He was instrumental in helping businesses identify new markets, acquisitions and divestitures, while establishing improved processes for enhancing work culture, organization and collaboration for both remote and in-house workers. While working with multinational organizations stretched across time zones, Jordan began prototyping a new platform that would allow team members, and more specifically, agile teams to work together, better. 

This platform would later be known as Parabol. Today, Jordan leads multiple facets of Parabol’s growth and success by overseeing new talent acquisition, funding and product development. He holds several patents in distributed systems and wireless technology, and lives with his family in Los Angeles, California.




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