Productivity Insight for the Manufacturing Industry with John Joseph, Datanomix co-founder and CEO

Back View of the Head of the Project Holds Laptop and Discussing Product Details with Chief Engineer while They Walk Through Modern Factory.

Rumors of the death of American manufacturing have been greatly exaggerated. Factories across the country still churn on—and are growing. In fact, there aren’t enough machists to meet the demand, and compounding the issue, the more experienced machinists have been moving on, replaced by a younger workforce.

To complicate matters further, managers lack the insight tools to gauge productivity and respond to downtime. After extensive research into these issues, John Joseph co-founded Datanomix, a company that offers automated production intelligence for the manufacturing industry to help manufacturers understand what’s really happening on the factory floor. 

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John Joseph, a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Clark University, is the CEO and co-founder of Datanomix, a software company empowering precision manufacturers to transform their business through data. John has an established track record of commercializing technology, having held leadership roles at several startups and their acquirers, including the successful acquisition of Equallogic by Dell.

At Datanomix, John is helping build an agile team that is using machine learning and advanced analytics to automate the delivery of deep insights directly from CNC machine data, all without any operator input. Dubbed automated production intelligence, the Datanomix platform offers a window into a factory’s operations in real time, and delivers deep insights into productivity and profitability trends over time. For more information about Datanomix and its data-focused manufacturing solutions, visit



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