Transform B2B with Social Networking | Conrad Smith from Graphite Systems

Social networking has been one of the more significant aspects of 21st century life—and yet, it has largely remained exclusive to individuals. Businesses, though, have a need to connect that is perhaps even greater.

The survival of buyers and sellers depends on their ability to find one another. Conrad Smith has stepped in to fill this void with his company, Graphite Systems.

More than just a way to forge B2B connections, his company helps manage these relationships with data integration tools and a host of other features.

More information:

Conrad is an enterprise procurement leader with almost 30 years of experience. He has leveraged 25 years of enterprise experience in leadership roles at Intel and Adobe to found Graphite Systems. Graphite’s flagship product is graphiteConnect. This is an exciting new procurement tech solution that streamlines and automates B2B connections. In the same way that LinkedIn connects business professionals, Graphite connects companies with quick sharing of required business data.

With Conrad’s strong domain experience Graphite delivered its first product and obtained paying customers in less than 6 months. Customers and investors are excited about the potential of graphiteConnect. Conrad founded Graphite with a key member of his former Adobe procurement team. Together, Aaron and Conrad complement each other’s strengths with Aaron’s focus on product and Conrad’s focus on strategy and sales. In less than 3 years Graphite is being recommended by Gartner and listed as SpendMatters “Future 5” solutions of 2020.

Conrad joined Adobe through the Omniture acquisition in 2009. Over the past 30 years, Conrad has led several global organizational and operational transformations in Procurement, IT, and HR.

In his latest enterprise role, Conrad led Adobe’s Global Procurement transformation that has dramatically reduced PR-PO-Contract resources and delays; at the same time elevating the real and perceived value add of Global Procurement across Adobe. He is a recognized global leader across procurement and quickly gaining recognition and visibility as one of Utah’s newest tech startup leaders.

Conrad earned his BS Degree in Biochemistry from Brigham Young University and later his MBA from the Marriott School of Management at BYU.



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